NodeSchool at MOP fest

— 2 minute read

Once again together with JavaScript Zagreb and friends at MOP Fest we organized NodeSchool event in Varaždin, Croatia.

People sitting in a classroom in front of laptops
Here you can see my friend Domagoj really focused on his JavaScript task

There is much to write about this but we will keep it short. We are proud with being able to organize this event in the Varaždin gathering 10 people willing to join us in a big coding session from 10AM to 3PM.

Apart from coding we did a lot of talking about work and companies so we had an opportunity to share our experiences and grow as people.

If you are not familiar with NodeSchool let me bring you up to speed.

NodeSchool is an open source workshop that teaches people web skills and you can do them at home or you can find a workshop nearby.

If you find a local workshop nearby you should definitively attend it because it will be an awesome opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills.

If you are interested in organizing this event at your community or if you just want to attend next event follow our JavaScript Zagreb meetup page for future events.