Hello World


This post will serve as a short introduction about me and this blog.

About Me

My name is Vedran Blazenka and I’m very passionate and dedicated Front-End developer from Croatia.

I’m working at reactor.studio as JavaScript Developer where I work on IvySpace. Before Reactor Studio I worked at Enterwell where I did a lot of cool projects using WordPress, React and Redux.

I’m very passionate about web technologies, especially JavaScript ecosystem that is growing day by day and has a great and helpful community built around itself.

My current tech stack is Node, React, Redux, Webpack, Jest and I’m currently learning more about Reason and Rust.

I love experimenting with new technologies and I spend most of my days when I’m not working playing around with new languages and libraries. Most of it I publish on my GitHub.

Aside from programming, I love watching TV shows, play chess, cruise on my skateboard, learn German, teach people JavaScript and drink beers with friends and listen to podcasts and audio books.

About Blog

This blog started because I wanted to pursue writing as my new skill and because I wanted to share my learning processes with my dear followers.

I will mostly write about JavaScript, Acessibility, Computer Science and Web technologies that I’m currently pursuing like MobX, TypeScript, Flow, PWA, Service Workers, SSR, etc…

I hope you like this short introduction about me and this blog.

If you wanna talk JavaScript feel free to follow me on Twitter. 👋